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The main thing that stood out to me that Father Greg Boyle preached, was that he received more than those whom he served, and that he maintained a readiness to receive. He only worked with those that were willing to work on themselves. These tenants affected me deeply. They are both within and without the ideals of my own. They challenged my own morality in terms of extending help to those that struggle no matter their current situation. Positivity radiated from this challenging of my viewpoints because it meant resolved strength in whatever decision I made. I was able to fully immerse myself in his arguments and the wisdom held behind them. Referring to the themes stated previously, I felt them deeply as I had experienced some of these difficulties in different situations throughout my life. My understanding of compassion, redemption, and mercy all relate in depth to the themes of service, welcoming, and willingness to change as mentioned above. Compassion comes directly from empathy. I may not have shared your experiences and nor you of I, but together we mutually understand that people struggle. That we all struggle in some way. That we both gain from a relationship. Personally, when I was in Flint Michigan over the summer for a service project with the youth in the area, I learned so much more from them than they received from me. I had never previously seen that impact. I was of the immature notion then I could only give because I was blessed. I’ll never forget that

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