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The therapist met with the client. The client presented as tired and depressed mood aeb reporting that he did not take his medication for 4 days since he AWOLed on last Saturday. The client added that he feels anxious because he does not know what he will do next step as he asked several questions about the consequences of the AWOL and if he will go home soon, or go to another facility, or go to a hospital, and when he will discharge from the facility. The client shared that he AWOL ed with the other client last Saturday and he did not expect that he will be discharged from the facility due to the AWOL especially this is the first time to AWOL. The client stated, “I was at the other facility and I have witnessed several AWOLS and it was for them the second time and they had only tier freeze, but for me they will kick me out of the facility.” The client shared that he feels that it is not fair for him to be punished in this way. The client reported that he does not feel good being alone at the facility and he does not feel okay dealing only with the staff members without peers or other new client at the facility. …show more content…

The client shared that he does not want to have a conjoint session with his father because he does not like him at all as he stated, “This is because I asked to live with my mother and not with my father as he was always very angry with me and he does not care at all.” The client shared that he spent 2 nights at the street when he AWOLed last week with the other client and during these two nights, he smoked weeds, cigarettes, crystal myth, and

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