Reflective: Why Women Choose to Stay Single

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In the course of this semester I’ve shaped my understandings of sex and gender through readings of diverse articles as well as discussions presented in class. Moreover, the cross cultural aspect of sex and gender allowed me to make changes to my previous beliefs about gender. The single life not only appeals to men, but to women. Historically, women do not enjoy access to the same opportunities as men, which limited them to marry just to make a better life for themselves. Today, I have more options than ever, and among those options is the right to stay single, which comes with a variety of perks worthy of consideration. For as long as I could remember, I have always dreamt of getting married in the Church my parents wedded in, in a …show more content…
Haven’t you ever heard of freedom? Maybe because I am still young, I just was not ready for commitment. Just like men do not like telling where they are twenty-four seven, they shouldn’t expect women to tell them either. My parents treat me like I am independent. When I want to go out, I am allowed. I am allowed to go wherever, whenever, with whomever. But being in a marriage, women do not have that sense of freedom; they have to worry about their partner.
Career and money also play a big role. Being career orientated, can result in a high yearly income allowing me to travel, live in a nice house, and/or try new things. Being career orientated means sometimes work comes first especially if you are a career-driven woman like me. Career accomplishments will bring me a strong sense of self-reliance, which enables me to focus on education and bettering myself. As I am single and vigorous, I might devote most of my time to my career. Nothing will stop me from working overtime or taking evening classes. Who knows, it might be my chance to get a promotion and take my professional life to the next level. If I am in a relationship, I will often feel pressured to focus on my family instead.
Being financially independent allows me not to have to worry about disputes over rent, groceries, and accessories to the house, or anything else that might come up regarding money. “Traditionally, for instance, the myths that govern courtship in America

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