Refugee Crisis Is The Country Of Hopes And Dreams

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America is the country of hopes and dreams. We have many principles that make our country great. For example, we have freedom, rights, equality, and having the nickname “Melting Pot.” Over many centuries, America has accepted immigrants and refugees of multiple nationalities and backgrounds to live up to their famous nickname. However; why should we stop accepting refugees now? Even though many Americans assume accepting refugees will ruin our country, we should accept Syrian refugees into the United States because the Refugee Crisis is a serious problem, accepting refugees is an act of Congress, and helping refugees is the humane thing to do. The first reason the United States should accept refugees is because the Syrian Refugee Crisis…show more content…
The act has two main purposes. One purpose to have a uniform procedure for refugee admissions (“Refugee” 4). The second purpose is to allow Federal assistance to resettle refugees and help their self-sufficiency (“Refugee” 4). The act describes a refugee as a person who was forced to flee their country do to war, violence, or persecution. Many refugees fear persecution because of their race, nationality, or religion (“What”). Thirty-one states have promised to reject Syrian refugees (Wadhia. 688.) There are no legal laws that permits a state government to dictate an immigration policy over the president. For example, the Texas governor wrote to Obama that Texas is strongly against the idea of accepting refugees and will refuse to accept Syrian refugees into their state because of the terrorist attacks on Paris (Millhiser). In the court case, Hines V. Davidowitz, the Supreme Court explained that “the supremacy of the national power in the general field of foreign affairs, including power over immigration, naturalization, and deportation, is made clear by the constitution” (Millhiser). In other words, the state government does not have any say if the state will accept refugees or not. It is an executive decision. However, states do not have to give their resources to the federal government, which will just complicate the resettlement process. According to Shoba Wadhia, “when states refuse to admit refugees based on nationality, they are also in potential violation
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