Refugee Crisis Reflection

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I learned of the movement by reading about the refugee crisis online. Another way I learned about the movement was seeing news coverage surrounding the refugee crisis and people boarding boats in treacherous waters desperately trying to escape their home countries. Media and other forms of representation played an essential role in covering the refugee crisis movement. Depending on the news outlet I often saw how different political ideologies infiltrated the facts about the movement. From my viewpoint I believe that there is a target market for the campaign. The movement seems to be appealing to a wide range of groups. The campaign appeals to most age groups, it calls for people to get involved for all different ages. There seems to be one geographical region that has been particular called upon to help the movement. The geographical region that seems to be targeted the most is countries in the Mediterranean area. This seems to be true because that area is a central location that many of the refugees have some, but difficult time accessing. I feel as if the movement is asking me to do several things. For instances, the movement is asking me to lay down prior prejudices I may have had and to be more empathetic to the human suffering that is taking place in the refugee crisis. Another thing that I feel that the movement is asking me to do is to have “open arms” to refugees in whatever compacity that I am able. I have partially been able to do what the movement is asking me to

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