Refugee Migration Is The Negligence And Violation Of Human Rights

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It is said that the leading explanation of refugee migration is the negligence and violation of human rights. Considering the connection between the two, one can question the way a country or state defines what a refugee is. The extent of refugee law and human rights law speaks to the most unmistakable contrast between the two branches of universal law. While human rights are pertinent to each individual, the advantage of refugee status relies upon the recognition of a proposed classification of secured people. . In some cases, refugees are withheld or returned to where their lives, freedom and safety are vulnerable. Within the last two decades, the number of refugees in the world has increased seventy-five percent. If all of the refugees in the world were to make up their own country, the forcibly uprooted would make up the twenty-first largest country in the world. The latest increase in numbers derives from the conflict within the Syrian Arab republic, making up more than half the number of refugees in 2015. The United States has been a historic figure in opening its doors to those in need of a secure home. Even though the United States is considered a world-leading example to other countries, there are countries today like Germany that have closed their borders to refugees, specifically from Syrian refugees. Japan is known for being more resistant to refugees due to weak relationships with refugee home countries whereas Germany has obtained a more positive reputation
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