Refugees Need For Refugees

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According to UNHCR (2017), there are, currently, 22.5 million of refugee in the world. Comparing to the world population reported in United Nations (2017), it can be calculated as three refugees in every 1,000 people. Nowadays, most of the people who have escaped from their own countries are Syrian. Since 2011, the beginning of Syrian civil war, total registered Syrian refugees are 17.5 million people (UNHCR, 2017). From the UNHCR database, most of them are living in neighbouring countries such as Lebanon and Turkey. Some of them seek asylum in developed countries, particularly in Europe. Germany is the European country that holds the largest Syrian refugee population, accounting for approximately 0.8 million (UNHCR, 2017). The large population of refugee can affect to economy, environment, society, and politics. Some people say that new coming refugees can fulfil labour market and establish the multicultural society which motivate international trade. However, the host nations will not benefit from refugees due to the needs of high cost of management for labour force preparation and risk of social conflict caused by cultural difference.

Accepting refugees for work forces need a large amount of the budget for refugees’ workforce preparation and not every country can support the cost. This is because the budget needed for refugees as workforce’s preparation is high, due to spending for teaching courses (such as language, working skills, and social norm), as well as housing

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