Reinforcement Theory Vs. Operant Conditioning

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There has been concern if the effects of certain types of reinforcement (such as positive and negative) can effectively change an individual’s behavior. There is evidence to suggest that certain types of positive and negative reinforcement can motivate an individual far beyond his potential, while punishment, on the other hand, is completely different from negative reinforcement, but it is very often associated with it. Both forms of reinforcement are designed to have a desired behavior learned and repeated. Finally, studies concerning the effects of positive and negative reinforcement will be examined. This particular examination of reinforcement theory continues to prove how effective this type of study can be, and how it can promote a desired behavior, although there are some who criticize this theory, nevertheless, it has shown promising insight on behavior and motivation. Evaluation of reinforcement theory Behavior is something must learn, whether it be repeated multiple times, or learned right away. Reinforcement theory or operant conditioning suggests that there are two forms of reinforcement: positive and negative. Positive reinforcement is adding something to obtain a positive response, whereas negative reinforcement takes away or diminishes something for a particular response. If someone is shown positive reinforcement, such as an a person receiving a raise at work, because of their actions they are rewarded, which means they are likely to repeat the process

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