Unit 2 Assignment Of Social Psychology

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2. a. Habituation is a common and simple form of learning. It involves a diminished awareness of a stimulus after constant experiences with it. An example of this would be when I spray on some perfume before I leave for class in the morning. As the day progresses, I will no longer notice the scent of the fragrance I am wearing, but other people around me will be able to smell it. I have become habituated to the smell because I am used to being around the smell. b. Sensitization takes place when an animal or human experiences an increased response to a repeated stimulus. An example of this is how I never was able to get used to loud music at 2 a.m blasting from my neighbor’s apartment who lived below me. The stimulus is irritating so I became sensitized and annoyed by the interruption of…show more content…
Stimulus generalization occurs when similar stimuli generate similar reactions. An example of this would be getting bitten by a dog. As a result of this, you would experience a fear of all dogs, not just the particular breed, color or size of the one that bit you. You are generalizing the stimulus to include all dogs instead of the one you had the experience with. e. Positive reinforcement presents an encouraging element to an individual after a wanted behavior is demonstrated. It helps to make the wanted behavior more likely to occur again in the future. An example of this is when a mother gives her child a treat after cleaning up his room. The child is more likely clean his room in the future because he received positive enforcement for performing the desired behavior. f. Negative punishment occurs when the wanted stimulus is removed after a specific unwanted behavior is displayed, ensuing in the behavior occurring less frequently in the future. For example, whenever my niece and nephew argue about who gets to play a video game first, I end up taking the video game away. This is negative punishment because I removed the desired stimulus to try to decrease the unwanted
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