Relation Between Hugh And Hugh Essay

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This paper analyzes the different types of context in relation to Hugh. Hugh is a nineteen-year-old male that lives in Dublin, Ireland. Within his daily life, Hugh has multiple roles such as a student, volunteer, debater, son, roommate, and friend. The expectation of high role as a student and debater is to develop skills and to receive a law degree for his future career. As a volunteer, Hugh is expected to help the community and promote local well-being. Through the multiple roles of son, roommate, and friend, Hugh is able to support and care for others. The occupation of socializing is related to his roles as a son, roommate, and friend. Hugh engages in several occupations that relate to his roles. As a student of law, he participates in the occupations of studying and debating. As a volunteer he is involved in activities such as theater, dances, and open mic nights that raise money for the Saint Vincent DePaul Society. Analyzing a person’s occupational behavior requires the understanding of five different contexts. Context is defined by the American Occupational Therapy Association (2014) as, “a variety of interrelated conditions within and surrounding the person that influences performance.” Occupational science utilizes five different contexts that include: personal, temporal, sociocultural, physical and virtual. Personal context is defined as the features of an individual that are not a part of a health condition or status (American Occupational Therapy Association

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