Relations: A Narrative Fiction

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They were halfway to their cabin before the sky opened up.

Seohyun shrieked at the sudden downpour. It came down in a rush of sheets, instantly soaking everyone and everything. Grabbing her hand, Kyuhyun pulled his girlfriend into a mad sprint for their room. Pelted with water, Seohyun blindly grabbed at the strings of drenched hair flying in her face. The rain quickly obscured anything beyond a meter with its dense layers making them almost miss their own white house. Together the couple ran straight along the path sending puddles of water and mud up in sprays.

With dirt covering her legs, Seohyun was ready to panic when she slammed into a locked door. As far as she was concerned, Kyuhyun could not get that door open fast enough.

The second it unlocked, Seohyun flung herself inside to the bathroom where she yanked the shower hose off the wall, slammed on the water, and began spraying every speck of mud off of her skin. The water stung, ice cold, but she didn’t care. It just had to come off.


She ignored it.


She continued spraying. Rinsing her feet then her moving to her thighs. How did she get so dirty?

“Seohyun!” Suddenly the water turned off.

“Hey!” She cried. Jerking around, she saw it was Kyuhyun who had interrupted her cleaning, “What are you doing?”

“I thought you might want to try showering in the shower instead of the in the middle of the bathroom.” He replied dryly.

Blinking, Seohyun looked around. Her boyfriend was right. The tile
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