Relations Between Sports And Some Factors Influencing Socialization Process

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Sports are beneficial for a number of reasons: living healthy life, reducing stress, contributing to concentration, preventing diseases, etc. But, the most important and least known benefit of practicing any kind of sport is that it helps develop stronger relationships. How is this possible? The answer is simple, kids and teens learn how to work in a team environment, and by doing so, they will learn solid communication skills that will aid in the building of new relationships and strengthening current ones.

According to the analysis carried by the International Review for the Sociology of Sport's article: Relations Between Sports and Some Factors Influencing Socialization Process "A sample of 179 girls, 16 years of age, have shown that there are significant differences in basic dimensions on which depends the socialization process between subjects who practice sports actively and those who practice sports irregularly or not at all. The …show more content…

How? The article written by the International Journal of Sports and Science & Coaching "Enhancing Coach-Parent Relationships in Youth Sports: Increasing harmony and Minimizing Hassle" explains that "Parents can enjoy their children's participation more if they acquire an understanding and appreciation of the sport. This includes knowledge of basic rules, skills, and strategies". When parents show more interest on their kids' activities and are willing to learn the requirements for the sport they chose to practice, it's most likely that the communication between parent and child will increase because eventually the parent will develop an interest in said activity since now they will share knowledge and experience of the sport, as well as any advice a parent can give to their children, not to mention this will give kids the confidence to ask mom/dad any questions when in

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