Relationship Between China and Hong Kong

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Discuss the relationship between Hong Kong and mainland using concepts introduced in this course. Introduction
Hong Kong, located at the southern coastal of China, fully shows the diversification of culture, with a mix characteristics of different backgrounds.
Hong Kong is currently under the rule of the PRC as a special administrative region, with the practice of ‘One country, two system’. Hong Kong exercises capitalism under the rule of the British government and thus continues its practice after the handover. Hong Kong is closely located to mainland, showing her essential role in the economic
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In mid 2002, the Vice Premier of the State Council expressed Beijing’s desire for Hong Kong to pass the proposals as soon as possible. Then, the Tung Chee-hwa, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong began the drafting of the article, and passed it to the legislative council.

Since then, there were lots of conspiracy theory occurred, saying that Tung acted in request of the Central government, which he was forced to do so, as Tung’s family was running a shipping conglomerate Orient Oversea, which owes about US$110 million debt to the PRC in the 1980s. And Tung’s family business was still greatly affected by the decision of the central government.

Since Tung has proposed his draft, there was a huge controversy over his proposal, which raised the public concerns.
It was worried that the article violates The Johannesburg Principles on National Security, Freedom of Expression and
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