Relationship Between Food, Technology And Society

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The vegemite commercial is affective towards families, particularly children as it impacts individuals’ physiology including their nutritional requirements and age. The commercial incorporates other children expressing that “their mummy said they’re growing from it every single week because they love their vegemite”. Kids who watch this commercial may think they won’t develop if they do not eat vegemite, which could encourage children to eat vegemite and consume the vitamin D1 it contains which will meet the need of their daily nutritional requirement. The commercial recommends vegemite for breakfast, lunch and tea and impacts the amount of bread people eat as it says “the delicious spread”, meaning it is best served on bread or freshly, cooked toast. The commercial is mostly dominated towards children between the age of 5-10 years as there are other children in that video between that age meaning they would be more affected and trust the information significantly more unmistakeably.
• Examine the relationship between food, technology and society. E.G. discuss how your television selection influences society.
The commercial has a strong association with nourishment and technology as it is advertising vegemite on television which is a standout amongst the most utilized devices used today! The commercial has a connection with society as commercials not only encourage people to purchase new products to accomplish individual’s aims or targets, values and delights, but they

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