Relationship Between Helper And Helper Essay

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For me, the most important role of values in the helping relationship is about the helping process that will lead to effective helping outcomes, helper function as a whole person, as a skilled technician and while in contact with helpee. Helper’s personhood is about thinking which enable the helper to evaluate helping process while in progress. It likely that helper may think and evaluates themselves, their helpee, and the helping process privately after the process. The roles of value in the helping relationship are to focus on questions that helper tend to ask when are alone. Firstly, the thought is about helping process theory and as a guide, which necessitate frequent question that is always asked; “Why does a particular method or strategy work or not work? This is known as mental theorizing that denotes rational rather than a feeling function. Helper requires a guiding theory to assist to make sense of complex helping process. It is believed that helper can help others without a thought about theory, but if it means working systematically in helping process, they require some “hooks” to execute the experiences and several frameworks of references in attainment perspectives on their work and improving the services. The core value of theory is to give direction to action phase of helping, however theory may not be required to begin a relationship, but it is important when making a decision to assist helpee in behavior change, and helper is required to have clear
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