Becoming a Helper

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1. To observe and rationalize our motivations and needs for becoming helpers can help us

develop competent and practical approaches within the helping profession. I view human

struggle as a catalyst for unity, in various degrees because in the face of adversary, we are

naturally inclined to confide in others, seeking what we need to rise above

certain circumstances. To elevate and uplift is directly connected towards my need to care for

others, which has been a driving force behind my decision to enter the helping profession.

Growing up, I had a strong sense of empathy, being able to make connections with my

peers, from different walks of life. A lot of the times, I felt as if it was my “duty” to ensure …show more content…

The need for prestige and status is a reflection for the need of money therefore making this

need irrelevant to me. “If you worked hard and are good at what you do, accept the recognition

you have earned” (Corey&Corey, 2007, p. 6). This statement can be applicable to many if not all

professions. Becoming arrogant due to your status may lead clients to feel uncomfortable

approaching you (Corey&Corey, 2007). It’s important as helpers to remain humble and to avoid

putting ourselves on a pedestal because when we do, we may reinforce oppression that our

clients may feel by our status.

The need to provide answers is a need that I aim to fulfill when dealing with clients. Whenever

people came to me for advice, I felt as if it was my obligation to provide the right answers,

because if I can’t, who will? There are times where I need to use my discretion and give people

the advice they need to hear, rather than, what they want to hear. Finding the fine line between

the two can often be difficult. Sometimes I have the fear of burning myself out through one-way

caring and having little left to offer. It is in my best interest to learn and practice the art of self

care (Corey&Corey, 2007). Eventually others will have to take care of me, which isn’t a sign a

weakness. It’s the complete opposite. To admit that one needs help is an act of

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