Relationship Between Leaders And Follower Selves

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Introduction Everyone is a member of different organizations in different occasions, and human activities are set up on relationships (Homans, 2009, p. 1), so that relevant researches about relationship began decades ago (Vangelisti & Perlman, 2006, p. ix). Leader-member-exchange (LMX) theory is a kind of leadership style, which pays attention to a dyadic relationship between leader and member (Graen & Cashman, 1975; Graen & Uhl-Bien, 1995, Breevaart, Bakker, Demerouti & Heuvel, 2015; Wilson, Sin & Conlon, 2010). There is a long time history that people began to research the relationship between a leader and follower, and how the relationship can impact on leaders and follower selves (Graen & Uhl-Bien, 1995). Most of previously researches…show more content…
359). This essay will be based on interview, and pay attention to leaders to understand the LMX theory with leader’s sight. There will be two leaders, from two different type of companies, have been invited and join in the interview. Then relevant results will be recorded and analyzed. Based on relevant previously researches, at the same time, this report also will accord the results of interviews to show a deep understanding of the Leader-member Exchange theory with following three mainly questions:  How leaders treat followers who have high-quality LMX with them on work?  What limitation that LMX theory has during it application?  How followers improve the relationship between leaders and followers? Literature review Leadership has been defined as an ability that a personal has to cause outstanding performance from others by getting followers, leading and motivating them (Tracy, 2014, p. 2-3). Leadership is not just management or authority, it also refer to social influence and relationships with followers, such as trust between leader and follower, and leader’s personality traits, more communication with followers, and treating each other honestly (Comstock, 2015). Because comparing with management, leadership can make different in different industry and can make the goal be achieved effectively, leadership effectiveness has been paid attention
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