Relationship Between Mother And Daughter

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The relationship between a mother and daughter A mother and a daughter can have an unimaginable bond or they can act like they barely like one another. A mother should always love, comfort, and support their child. A daughter should obey, listen, and respect their parent. “Two Kinds” was written by Amy Tan which is a short story focusing on the negative relationship of a mother and daughter. Suyan Woo wanted her daughter to be able to excel in America. The mother wanted to turn her daughter Jing Mei into a child prodigy. According to Tan, “My mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America” (543). Jing Mei starts to refuse doing what her mother tells her. This causes conflict in their relationship and neither of them wants to admit that they have done anything wrong. Suyan Woo and Jing Mei have a negative relationship based on the mother’s actions; this unhealthy connection can be seen through failed communication, excessive control, and lack of respect. Suyan and Jing Mei have a negative relationship based on the way they communicate with one another. Both of them come from different backgrounds and have been influenced by different cultures. Since Jing Mei came from a different background, culture, and environment the mother and daughter have had a difficult relationship. They do not know how to express their feelings and they both end up getting angry with one another. For example, when Jing Mei stated “Why don’t you like me the
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