Relationship Between Music And Mood

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Relationship between Music and Mood
In “Music Preferences, Personality Style, and Developmental Issues of Adolescents” (2003) Kelly D. Schwartz and Gregory T. Fouts observed the personality traits and developmental issues in three different groups of adolescences. The three groups of adolescences were separated by the type of music they preferred listening to: “heavy, light, and eclectic music” (Schwartz & Fouts, 2003). The 164 participants were tasked with completing a questionnaire that would assess their music preferences based on thirteen different qualities of music. This combined with an evaluation of how much the participants enjoyed music and the amount of time spent listening was put into consideration as well. An eight scale assessment was conducted for both personality styles and expressed concerns of the participants while a four scale assessed behavioral correlations (Schwartz & Fouts, 2003). Out of the 20 different scale assessments, the top four base rate score statistics for the Millon Adolescent Personality Inventory (MAPI) were Personal Esteem (70.52), Peer Security (63.29), Family Rapport (62.01), and Body Comfort (61.79) (Schwartz & Fouts, 2003). The three groups varied greatly on eight of the 20 MAPI statistics. These MAPI scores greater than 60 indicated difficulties being experienced in development. Heavy music listeners tended to have more negative personalities and were generally discontent, choosing to “disregard [other peoples’
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