Relationship Between Prison And Prison

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How to go Along to get Along in Prison.

Prison life Nobody ever really wants to go to prison. Within the prison walls there is a certain subculture involving norms, values, language, codes, and other miscellaneous items that the inmates learn or use in order to survive prison (state or private for profit prisons). One of the goals for prison is to protect the public while punishing the criminal by incarceration and then hopefully rehabilitate them at the end of their sentence to become productive citizens in the free world.
Prison Subculture The words “prison subculture” describe the language, norms, beliefs, attitudes, values and lifestyles of the inmates within a certain prison (Prisons: 2015). Research shows that many prison subcultures in the United States are remarkably comparable to each other. It is believed that the subculture developed in order for inmates to cope with being locked up for years at a time. When an inmate enters a new prison or even their first prison it is not the guards that they have to worry about, it is the other inmates. This is where the word “prisonization” comes in meaning that the inmate will learn the subculture of the prison that they are in (Prison: 2015). Within hours/days of arriving at their new cell the new inmates might be taken in by prison “families” depending on the intake procedures for the prison. For some inmates this is a comfort to know they won’t be alone and they have someone to watch their back. These

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