Relationship Between Science And Religion Essay

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The relationship between science and religion as Western categories of thought has long been fraught with tension; academics suggest that the conflict between religion and science arose in the 17th century, as a result of the Galileo Affair, and continued into the 18th century Age of Enlightenment. Others, however, suggest that the dispute between the two systems of belief may even be traced as far back as classical antiquity. Even today, it is clear that tensions endure between academics unable to reach a consensus as to the nature of this relationship. While some suggest that the relationship between science and religion is one of direct intellectual opposition, others propose that the two disciplines are methodologically, if not intellectually, compatible, and still others argue that the disciplines of science and religion are too dissimilar to be in conflict. What clearly emerges from this discussion is the notion that a single, concise answer as to the question of the relationship between science and religion does not, and cannot, exist. In both academic and colloquial discourse, religion and science are often considered opposite ends of a philosophical spectrum, intrinsically incompatible due to the former 's reliance on rationalism and empiricism, and the latter 's reliance on supernaturalism, as sources of truth. Although a variance of opinion clearly exists, the incompatibility of science and religion—a theory known as the epistemological conflict
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