Relationship Between Support Of Same Sex Marriage

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The Relationship Between Support of Same-Sex Marriage and Religion

Theresa Lonetti
Professor Arshad Ali
August 14, 2015

Quite recently on June 26th, 2015 the U.S. Supreme Court decided that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right that must be legalized and upheld in all 50 states. Previous to this decision thirteen states had same-sex marriage bans in place, and eight more were awaiting appeals to overturn legislation banning same-sex marriage bans. That makes 21 states out of 50 that do not support same-sex marriage. In preparation for the likely decision by the Supreme Court states like Michigan passed laws banning public figures like judges from officiating marriages forcing anyone seeking that
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If these statements are proven to be true, then there is a direct relationship between support for gay marriage and the level of a person’s religiosity.
A Literature Review of the Correlation between Support for Same Sex Marriage and Religiosity There is still division and debate by academics, government officials, and American citizens on whether or not same sex marriage is a constitutional right, even with the recent decision by the Supreme Court. America is divided and often times religion is used to explain away this division as the root cause of opposition to same-sex marriage. In this still developing field, there is disagreement on the factors that define support or lack thereof for gay marriage. The objective of this paper is to present the foundational literature on the subject of same-sex marriage and explain some of the alternative explanations to lack of support of gay marriage. The research seeks to add to the current body of knowledge by helping to enforce the relationship between support for gay marriage and the religiosity of an individual, with the ultimate goal of proving that there is a relationship and it is a negative one.
According to the research of many academics in this field, the issue of same-sex marriage is still at the forefront of politics in this country today, and many state legislatures and citizens have voted or are voting on laws
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