Relationship Essay (Gilbert Grape)

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In the film What's Eating Gilbert Grape? directed by Lasse Halstrom, one important relationship is between Gilbert (the main character) and his mother, Bonnie. They are always in constant turmoil, and hardly ever see eye to eye. Towards the end of the film their attitudes change towards each other, we see their relationship strain and then become extremely close. This is important because they don't have a real mother, son relationship so this is worked on during the film. Gilbert is not an honest, reliable son; he looks after Arnie, but does not fulfil his duties as a son. He is constantly making fun or sarcastic comments about his mother. For example, Tucker, one of his best friends, is trying to have a pleasant, well mannered …show more content…

Every time that they meet Becky insists on meeting his mother. Gilbert is too embarrassed about Becky meeting her because he doesn't now how Becky will react. He finally gives in and introduces Becky to his Mother. Just before Momma dies she talks to Gilbert and says "You're my knight is shimmering armour. Did you know that?" Gilbert replies by saying "I think you mean shining." Then Momma says "No, shimmering. You shimmer, and

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