Relationship between Jason, Tom and Rupert: Partnership or Not

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/ To answer the question either the nature of relationship between Jason, Tom and Rupert is the partnership relationship or not ,first we need to define what is the partnership? A partnership is the relationship between persons who carry on a business together in common with the view of making a profit. First of all we should consider, Is there any valid agreement between the parties? In this case, Jason, Tom and Rupert have no partnership agreement. The partnership agreement can be oral but it is recommendable to put the agreement in writing because a partnership is a contractual relationship itself. So the relationship between them may be not a partnership relationship. However, based on the definition of partnership, there are…show more content…
Plus he is a person incharge of office equipment, he has a right to maintain the computer system and increase the company assets and the expenses for computer system may replace in a few day as he expected. On the other hand, he is wrong for not following procedure and disregard his partners. If the misapplication of money lead to a big loss or unnecessary expense for the company, Rupert will completely

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