Relationship between the Protagonists in 'The Kite Runner'

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THE KITE RUNNER The Kite Runner is a commentary on history, societal evils and human weaknesses. It is not a story of heroes but of ordinary people and the choices they make in life. It pinpoints a universal struggle of trying to fit in society by bending to its dictates or finding the courage to do the right thing. It is a story of friendship, betrayal and of making things right. Relationship between the protagonists The book, set in the background of Afghanistan, revolves around the friendship of two people i.e. Amir and Hassan. Amir is born in a Pashtun family, i.e. a Sunni Muslim family, widely respected across Kabul due to the heroic exploits of his father. On the other hand, Hassan belongs to the Hazara tribe which is persecuted in Afghanistan for its Shiite religious orientation. Added to this religious stigma is his family history with a father who is a cripple and a mother who is perceived in society as a woman of easy virtue. Their unlikely friendship is a result of being born in the same household and undertaking together most of their steps in life. They were fed by the same nursing maid, took their first steps together in the same backyard, undertook first experiences such as watching the cinema together and are mostly inseparable while growing up. However, the similarities end here. Where Hassan makes Amir the center of his life symbolized by his words "for you a thousand times over" Amir is warred between his genuine affection for Hassan and his
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