Relationships Are Part Of The Society’S Life. As People

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Relationships are part of the society’s life. As people tend to grow up, we get to know the feeling of attraction and being in love towards the opposite sex. However, some people choose to commit to not only one person, but to multiple relationships. This is called an open relationship. Open relationship is an interpersonal relationship where both parties agreed to be together but can develop relationships to other partners as well. Although this multiple commitment seems to be an easy-going and straightforward kind of relationship, conflicts may still arise through this kind of relationship. People are being more open to this kind of relationship, so often that other people think that this certain type of relationship is okay and is a …show more content…

She finds the relationship unhealthy. Thus, she’s now into an open relationship because she does not want her past experience happen again. This is self-justification. We alter our recollections from the past, where we felt unhappy, ashamed angry or emabarrassed, in order to feel good with our past decisions and actions.

To test our hypothesis, we will use the Experimental method, where we use scientific research. This is the most helpful method when it comes to determining causal relatons. In addition, we will be using basic research, as we are finding out why certain individuals behave the way they do and it is out of the researcher’s curiosity. The independent variable in this case is the satisfaction rate of open relationships, while the dependent variable is monogamous relationship. Our external validity is generalizability across people, because we conducted an experiment associating populations, and is a replication. With this method, we are conducting the probability level of both relationships. According to Multiamory, they surveyed 502 U.S adults (66% male from Open relationships and 45% from monogamous relationship) 24% of the Westerners Bonquin 3 are more open to non-monogamy, 21% from northeasterners, 19% from the Southerners and 18% from Midwesterners. Meaning, the percentages from couples who does not allow open relationships are

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