Relationships Between Western And Western Culture

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Intertextual relationships between texts exist to influence a reader’s perception and add layers of depth to the texts’ meanings resulting in a heightened experience and a more significant comprehension of the texts’ ideas. Detecting such intertextual relationships between two wildly different texts; Walt Disney’s 1994 animated musical epic, The Lion King, and Studio Gainax’s 2007 animated mecha television series, Gurren Lagann, has enriched my understanding of the differences between the texts’ representation on the cultural issues of the bildungsroman genre (coming of age story). Despite the inherent differences between the two texts, originating from different countries, identifying the similarities, differences and changes in cultural attitudes, issues and ideas, not just over time but between eastern and western culture, has proved to be enlightening. Gurren Lagann 's changes to The Lion King representation of growing up reflect on modern day society’s attitude towards such ideas and beliefs as well as the texts’ respective countries’ attitudes. Identifying and analysing these intertextual relationships between The Lion King and Gurren Lagann has thus enriched my understanding of the significant cultural ideas of the bildungsroman genre.

The differences in narrative structure between texts provides insight into how growing up is perceived by eastern and western cultures. The Lion King presents a classic western take on the bildungsroman genre and growing up, whereas…
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