Relative Risk

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Relative Risk is the likelihood or probability of developing a disease in the exposed group as opposed to the likelihood of the disease occurring in the unexposed group. RR= (a/a+b) / (c/c+d) RR= (32/100) / (8/100) RR= 4 Aliens who ate the Dillon Dills are 4 times more likely to develop Cootie Fruitie disease. Odds Ratio is a degree of association when comparing the likelihood of disease between the exposed and unexposed group. OR= (a*d) / (b*c) OR= (32*92) / (68*8) OR=5.4 An OR=5.4 means that the odds of having the outcome among the exposed is 5.4 the odds of having the outcome among the unexposed Attributable risk is the amount of risk that occurs because of an exposure. It is how much risk is directly attributed to the exposure. AR=

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