Relays Successful Appliance Of Technology And Systemize

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relays successful appliance of technology and systemize exercises that encourage quality and safety. This competency could minimize medical errors, as a nurse could share the result of their studies concerning dangerous practices, and mistakes that continuously occur to patients, families, and colleagues. This should make the healthcare members acknowledge the different hazards and error made in particular situations, and become more cautious when performing procedures that are famous for being risky, and prone to making errors, ultimately resulting to less mistakes, since the members are now more conscious about what they are doing. The last QSEN competency is called informatics; it can be explained as utilizing information and technology …show more content…

I believe that this particular competency would have been extremely useful in the specific case in the documentary, in which the nurse gave the Quaid twins an overdose of 1,000 times the normal dosage of Heparin. If the nurse had applied the skill of teamwork and collaboration by telling the other nurses around her to check if the right amount of medication was given to the patients, the error of giving out such a huge amount of drugs could have been prevented. In regards to the future, it would be extremely helpful to have other providers to check the amount of medication dosage, before given to patients, as it can prevent many innocent deaths from overdosage of drugs. In addition, another major QSEN competency that may have helped a patient’s family out tremendously in the documentary, is called informatics. This individual portion of the QSEN aids in practitioners utilizing information and innovative technology, in which serves as a key access to communication, knowledge, and aids in decision making. Disregarding that, Braxton, mentioned in the documentary, was a successful surgery patient who went home, and consumed painkillers distributed by the hospital. Although things seemed to go okay, he passed away after soon after, which severely impacted his family members. When Braxton’s parents went to go find the error that the particular hospital made, the practitioners told them that they do not keep anesthesia

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