Reliability And Validity Of Test Scores

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In tests and assessments validity refers to the degree where theoretical and empirical evidence supports the meaning and interpretation of the test scores (Reynolds & Livingston, 2013). Validity is important in testing and assessment as validity refers to credibility from a trustworthy source. In this respect, validity is important for scientist and professionals to select appropriate methods that support the meaning and interpretation of test scores. In psychology, reliability is concerned with stability and consistency (Reynolds & Livingston, 2013). Reliability focuses on the context of measurement which can be influenced by endless factors, that can affect a score (Reynolds & Livingston, 2013). Such a concept is important for …show more content…

Reliability and validity can use improvement in terms of testing and assessment. Reynolds and Livingston (2013) suggest that by adding more test questions can improve the reliability and validity (Reynolds & Livingston, 2013). Another suggestion is for constructs and content to be clearly defined, otherwise, scores can get lost in interpretation (Reynolds & Livingston, 2013). The bottom line is that testing and assessments are not for everyone. A person interested in pursuing psychometrics field must truly have a calling and interest in such a profession as it can be complex with many factors to consider. In a sense, psychometricians are pioneers and innovators who seek to answer questions of observations made. Thus, reliability and validity may be more clearly defined by a person who has a clear idea of what they are interested in testing. From a scholar’s perspective, this writer utilizes various scholarly resources from the University library, which are considered to have some sort of validity, as such articles come from a credible source. However, it does not mean that such scholarly resources are valid or help with the interpretation of what this writer may be interested in exploring. Therefore, this writer must pay close attention to the content found in scholarly resources in order to utilize the information

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