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Unit 8 Assignment Ruth Name Kaplan University Testing, Measurement, and Assessment PS505-01 Professor Name October 13, 2013 Abstract In this paper, the historical facts are given, as described by both of the authors Meyer and Kurtz. To illustrate, the results are revealed, as the search for a better distinction of the historical use, and descriptive terminology of the words, "objective" and "projective" begins to take form. First, the journey begins with the two authors, Meyer and Kurtz, since then many other psychologists and psychiatrists have joined in on their own behalf. Then, the paper will go into further detail about problems and, dilemmas, that accompanied the old traditional classification. As a consequence of this state…show more content…
"Tests that are not so categorized will tend to be viewed less positively, regardless of psychometric data, because they are, after all, not objective" (Meyer & Kurtz, 2006, p. 223). Because of the past, there is too much negativity surrounding the term, projective. The terminology both, "objective" and "projective" are not necessarily what they seem. "The term "objective" is a smokescreen for measures that can be just as subjective as anything else and the term "projective" is derived from untenable theoretical concepts that have continued to create confusion in the field for a long time" (Schultheiss, 2007, p. 197). Some other substantial problem is when the effects of a test cannot be duplicated by the same test more than one time. "If assessment psychologists did not derive overarching frameworks and terminologies for classifying psychological tests, those who use, study, or critique these tests would do it anyway. In this respect, it is better that an organizing framework be made explicit (and the logic underlying the framework spelled out in detail) than that multiple contrasting framework and labels emerge in isolation among different segments of the psychological community" (Bornstein, 2007, p. 205). The volume of the dilemmas above have all been a culmination of psychologists and psychiatrists in this community and

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