Religion And Religion

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The incorporation of religion into a person’s life displays how a belief in gods can impact every facet of someone’s life. The entirety of religion is based solely on faith and the willpower of someone’s belief in what has been taught to them. In these teachings, through sacred texts, manuscripts, or orally transmitted; the basis of many religions is the idea of an object, person, or building being sacred. The reason something becomes sacred and is then believed to be sacred is because the sacred manifests itself and makes itself become known to man. This is what separates the religious man from the profane man, the idea that items can be sacred, and the belief that they are sacred. Eliade points out that the profane man experiences life uniformly neutral, he does not have something that shapes his life like religion does . The objective of religious architects was to separate the holy world and the profane world by utilizing sacred space to allow for a relationship between believers and the cosmos. In many religious systems around the world, there were thought to be three cosmic levels, heaven (or nirvana, etc.), earth, and hell (or the underworld, land of the dead, etc.). The religious man believed that the axis mundi , center of the world, linked all three cosmic levels together. The different religions had different centers of the world, and all of them were built using various types of architecture, which reflected their own specific culture. In Babylonia, ziggurats

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