Religion Dubious

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Religions. Dubious? Very much so. One must question what precisely is religion when the topic is brought about. Is it a safe haven for the mind- a safety net, one must lean on when needed? Is it an explanation for the unexplainable? Is there a correct answer? There happens to be various religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all worship one god. Is it possible that they could all actually be following the same god? The followers of the separate religions state that they believe in a “different” god. Hinduism has many gods to which the followers may elect. What connects all these religions? The string that ties these religions together is power. Religious believers will argue their god or gods are more powerful- not one religion can ever set aside their pride. Is it possible religious beliefs are igniting a fire that is dividing all people? Amongst all the bickering, one does not seem to question that no matter how strong one believes; is it possible that the god or gods do not believe in the followers? Have they abandoned the human race?
The Old Testament (Christian) and the Torah (Jewish) both share a verse that speaks about their god’s power. “ Who among the gods is like you, Lord? Who is like you- majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?” (“Exodus 15: 11”) This quote speaks highly of their god; the god can not be compared to any other. One can see why the god must be beloved for He is holy

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