Religion In Aral's The Door

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The story ‘Assimilation’ therefore, serves as a way of showing the negative impact of religion on women. The view that women need to assimilate into the roles designed for them in society is also a prominent aspect of the text. The main characters unwillingness to assimilate, is what ultimately leads to her falling into trouble. This notion could symbolize religion and the belief notion of disobeying God. Women’s portrayal in religion is immensely different than that of men. This portrayal of women in the majority of religions text is more negative than, that of men. This notion has become embedded in society and therefore Aral’s critique of the role of religion in society is greatly exemplified in the little girls relationship with the…show more content…
However, the nuances differ with her second story which, discusses the life of a woman and her tumultuous relationship with her husband and mother in law. In the beginning of the story the author exemplifies the relationship between the unnamed main character and her husband with the sentences that states “All the years we lived together ‘Slow and Quite’ were the words my husband used most frequently.” ‘Slow and Quiet’ is a literal reference to the husband’s attempt at dismissing his wife's presence, this notion is similar to that of the mother and teacher in the first story. Which, shows the external pressure which requires women to diminish themselves in ultra-religious societies. Nevertheless, the second story differs from the first story in several aspects. Firstly, the person exemplifying the role of religion is a male character which, makes the text less of a religious critique and more of a familiar feminist text which displays the inequality between genders. Secondly, The author’s use of an older female character. Aral’s use of an older character, proves that religion and the idea women in religion does not only manifest during childhood, but that those negative ideals perpetuated by religion transcends age and are present in all aspects of a woman's…show more content…
Uyar’s story explores the matter of religion and its effect on society in a positive light. Uyar’s portrays the reality of a life without religion and spirituality as immensely, powerful and dull. In the beginning of the story the author references a “Ruined church” “The poppies on the hill by the ruined church had just opened, the chill of the nights had quite disappeared, the ferry boat come only twice a week...” This intentional referenced to a ruined church in the beginning of the story symbioses the demise of religion and religious spirituality in Turkey. The reference to the ‘ruined church’ is the only direct reference to religion or any religious matter, which exemplifies the state in which the community regards religion. The story circulates around a peculiar group of individuals that decide to visit the same hotel every year. The guests at the hotel seem to be enthralled with gossip and a multitude of trivial matters such the arrival of any new guest or in fact the reading materials that the other guests decide to
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