Gender In Religion In Islam, Islam And Religion

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Gender in Religion
Religion is a major cornerstone of human identity and culture. Anywhere you look on earth where there are people, there is a religion or set of beliefs that those people follow. Many times, the teaching of these Religions can be twisted and manipulated to justify gender bias. The Simple truth is people are treated very differently based on their Gender by followers of two of the most popular religions in the world: Islam and Judaism. I am going to examine some ways the teaching of these two major religions are used to oppress, abuse, and differentiate women.
The first major religion I am going to examine is Islam. Religious roles are mainly imposed on women in Islam through the clothing they are required to wear. Clothing is tied very close to ones’ self-identity, as Waseem Fayyaz and Anila Kamal tell us in “Practicing Hijab (veil): A Source of Autonomy and Self-esteem for Modern Muslim Women.” They write, “The attire we wear is also strongly connected with identity. It is related with the sense of one’s self Different classes of society wear different dress to mark their status and position in society. Kings and ruling elite have worn heavy and elaborate robes while public clothing has been simple. We use different uniforms to mention our jobs or institutions. People of different cultures wear different dresses. Besides culture and region where we live, dress code is also determined by the faith we espouse. This way dress becomes a symbol of one’s
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