Religion Is The Belief And Worship Of A Higher Power

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Religion is the belief and worship of a higher power. Every religion is important and special in their own way. There are three major aspects with religions such as, beliefs, history, and rituals that all come together to create and shape the ways of a religion. Today, religion is one of the most violent and controversial reasons behind some of the most breaking news you see on television. Religion makes people who they are and is the foundation for all societies and cultures.
Christianity is the belief that Jesus is Gods son and that when he died he became the God, the Son, and the Holy spirit, known as the Trinity. It is believed that if you believe in the Trinity you will have salvation and eternal life in heaven. People who …show more content…

History Christianity started about 2000 years ago, in Israel with Jesus Christ and his faithful group of disciples. Jesus was a Jew and practiced the Jewish faith. Jesus went around village to village healing and teaching people. Soon men started to follow him around and called him their teacher, thus they became Jesus’ disciples. Jesus taught them about sin and how people have a lost relationship with God. He gave distinct rules as to what is right and what is wrong, ad issued out punishments and lessons to enforce his teachings. For example, God needed Jonah but he ran from God. So in return God prepared a giant whale to swallow him. Previously stated, people believe that Jesus died on the Roman cross for everyone’s sins and then rose three days later. Christianity is known as the largest religion in the world. Buddhism sprung in India around the fifth century BC. Buddha was born as a royal prince in India. By the time he was twenty-nine years old is when he gave up being prince and went into the forest to meditate. Buddha stopped his meditation after six years to teach about the first Wheel of Dharma. Buddha taught eighty-four teachings throughout his life time. He taught how to live life with peace. Buddhism today has the third largest membership of all faiths after Christianity and Islam. Buddha is also know as Siddhartha Gautama or Enlightened One. There is an Eightfold Path that followers can

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