Religion Reflection Paper

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Harmony is a strong word to use to describe my relationship with religion if I have any. It is difficult to believe in something in a book that was written centuries ago. However, that's one way to look at it, the faith of believing in God is what makes religion so powerful and engaging. This creates multiple large bodies of people who believe in different things, For example a certain person might not believe at all in God, and be in controversy between science and God. Is it possible for different people of different beliefs to live in “Harmony”, I believe that this is absolutely possible. The world is changing at a rate quicker than ever, and it is imperative for different people from different beliefs to come together and stay strong amongst one another.
Life is a loop of different ideals recycled to create a balance between different regions around the world.Life can slap you right in the face if you allow it, there is a limited and scarce amount of time left for you in this world. How can the population around the world enjoy life restricted of all the temptations in the world, moreover I am not re-assured of the fact that God gave individuals the freedom of thought. It is almost impractical to think of life being dictated by a book, there is a huge amount of possibilities with or without God. I do not deny the existence of God, however I synergistically believe in the theory of evolution. There is many different things that make me wonder whether to believe in

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