Religion, Religion And Religion

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Religion is a very difficult topic for me to navigate, and a rather personal one. While on the surface I might seem very atheistic and anti-religion, this is very far from the truth. I have had quite a complicated relationship with religion over the years, and it is still something I am struggling to figure out. When I was in primary school we were taught quite a lot about religion. It was something that was constantly there in the school’s agenda, with assemblies every Monday morning in which our songs about recycling were intermingled with songs about God and Jesus, and the things they do for us. Easter and Christmastime were spent being told stories from the Bible and eating chocolates from Nativity-inspired advent calendars. I never really thought much about any of it at first, being quite young and naïve. Having never really talked about religion much before coming to school meant that this was the first I had heard about the matter, and hence my impressionable young mind took these stories in to be truths as opposed to religious beliefs. It was only when I became slightly older that the topic of religion came up more frequently in my household conversations. I was still under the impression that all of these stories I had been told were more or less true, but my parents’ atheism soon caused me to begin questioning whether or not I actually believed what I was hearing in school. I started to doubt that there was a God, simply because my still impressionable mind was

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