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Adherents of all the world’s major faiths believe that their respective religions had a starring role in the very creation of mankind. Luckily, it is unnecessary to verify any such claims to realize that those very religions have played a major role in shaping mankind throughout history. Be it as a tool through which to consolidate and administer power in the case of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, a call to arms to conquer the Iberian Peninsula and the storied Eastern Roman Empire in the case of the Caliphs of Islam, and as a force that brought together people from different classes, languages, and countries in the case of the Holy Crusades launched by the Roman Catholic Popes.

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Coming to Secretary of State John Kerry’s plan to establish an Office of Religious and Global Affairs – this is nothing short of belated. There is plenty of past legislation that serves as a building block if not a precedent. It was, after all, all the way back in 1998 that the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) was signed into law, leading to the state-sanctioned promotion of religious freedom overseas.

This is not, of course, to say that there are no potential problems with the creation of this office. Primarily, the potential overestimation of the role of religion in global affairs. Even back in the 8th century, evidence suggests that the Iberian Caliphate was no set up on account of pure religious fervor but also as a result of personal ambitions, power politics, and geopolitical concerns. These same factors, and many more, continue to play a role today. None should be overlooked through a myopic viewing of the situation through the frame of religion alone.

If one were to assume that all terror is caused by people of the Islamic faith – this may well lead to a simplistic ban of Muslims which could ultimately exasperate the issue of terrorism instead of addressing it. But a complete shift in thinking where the focus is suddenly shifted unto religion alone is not what is being suggested.

John Kerry has been very clear in his intentions

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