Religion, Social Networks, And Life Satisfaction

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The topic of this paper is on Religion, Social Networks, and Life Satisfaction (2010). This was found in the American Sociological Review (ASR) As we go through this paper we will see how the authors, do not necessarily meet the criteria that they set out for and in what way they could have tried to help reach what they set out to look for. The simple reasoning behind why they do not meet their criteria is due to how they tried to do their research and what they lacked.
This research paper is an explanatory paper due to the fact that it tries to explain social phenomenon in the world based on knowledge that has already been obtained (LEC 1). It is hard to try and put this paper as either quantitative or quantitative as it draws elements from both. It uses data and number to help prove it 's points like a quantitative paper. At the same time it has a research objective(s), which is commonly used in qualitative papers as opposed to hypotheses which are used in quantitative, and is rather subjective. This being the case we would have to look at the paper as one that is both qualitative and quantitative as it uses strategies from both sides. This papers research objectives were, "unpacking this relationship...which such network"(ASR: 915). The author 's research orientation is nomothetic over ideographic. This is because they are trying to make a generalization about as certain group of people. In this case people who partake in religion and that those who do have a

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