Religion : What Is It?

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Religion: What is it? There are many different religions that people believe in today. When I think of religion I think of a group of people who believe in a god or gods that created the world and determine your faith. There are different forms of theist religions, some of these religions believe in many gods and some only believe in one. That to me was the main part about being religious, is that you had to believe in a god. I never believed or knew that religions could be non-theistic, so I always counted atheism as a non-religion. Coming in to college and having the knowledge that I would have to take two religion courses I was a bit weary. I did believe in a God or that any non-theistic views are religious. So I had some bias about what I was going to learn about such as: about this all powerful being God, that all religions have the same basic core just different practices, that the evolutionary theory would be thrown out and that there would be an underlying tone that everyone should be religious. Thinking that I would be shunned for not believing in a god was the one thing that scared me the most.
Even though I am a naturalist, I was brought up around religion and for a while even lived in a religious house hold. When I was four years old and younger I went to a Christian church and went to Sunday school. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the things I learned when I was 4 I only remember going every Sunday. Eventually my mom and I moved out of my grandmother’s house

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