Religious Injustice In Religion

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Social Injustices Rooted in Religion Social injustice is something that concerns everyone, whether it be based on ethnics, gender, political view, religion or anything that makes one person different from another. One common factor in all types of social injustice is religion and religious views and perceptions. While it is recognized that everyone has a different interpretation of what religion is based on their own individuality, whenever it comes to the law and individual rights religion is said to be kept separate. To dig deeper into the roots of social injustice and how plays a role in this type of disrespect, I focused in on two of the biggest social injustices of racial and sexual discrimination, interviewing two people of different ages, race, and religious backgrounds on their opinions of the problems at hand. The first person I interviewed, Claire Holmes, is an eighteen-year-old college freshman, and while she believes in God she does not consider herself to be very religious. The second person interviewed, Angela McKenzie, is a 30-year-old college graduate who has a strong faith deeply rooted in Christianity. Although religion and state are supposed to be kept separate, certain religious views and interpretations create a platform for social injustices and directly affect the individual rights of others. Looking at racial discrimination, a variety of religious views seem to stand as a foundation that is used to justify the actions of those who feel that they

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