Religious School Admission Essay

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In 1979, after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, my parents fled to America– it was here that they hoped to start a new life. In 1997, I was born. My parents now had to face the decision of which school to send their son. Should emphasis be on religious studies or general studies? They ultimately decided to send me to an ultra religious school. In eighth grade I had to face a momentous personal decision: Should I continue to attend the religious school or should I switch to a more secular school for high school? After much deliberation, I ultimately decided to follow my passion and emulate my father and grandfather to become a doctor. I switched to Yeshiva University High School.
Due to the emphasis on religious studies in elementary school, I lacked a solid secular education. I therefore sought the help of a math, science, english, and history tutor over the summer.
Work that took my peers years to learn–I learnt in one summer. However, I still lacked
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For starters, I am a strong believer in Columbia’s core curriculum. The core curriculum that Columbia offers really distinguishes it from all the other schools and it ensures that I will develop a well-rounded, holistic education. A strong liberal arts education is important to me because wanting to be a physician, I'm going to be receiving a phenomenal science education in medical school, but the only chance that I am going to have to take courses in the liberal arts is going to be in college. And a common piece of advice that I have been given again and again by the physicians that I have shadowed–that I have now come to realize on my own– is precisely the importance of a strong, well rounded liberal arts education. And by attending the School of General Studies, which is known for its remarkable core curriculum, I know that I will be successful in receiving a strong, well-rounded liberal arts
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