Renaissance and Revolution Did Copernicus

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Using the maps on pages 374 and 380:
Mark Protestant countries with a P and Catholic countries with a C.
Mark absolute monarchies with an A and parliamentary governments with a P.

Where were most Catholic countries located?

Where were most Protestant nations?

Is there any apparent connection between religious preference and the existence of absolute monarchy? Can you offer an explanation?

1. What change did Philippe Aries describe in his work Centuries in Childhood?

2. Why MIGHT it have occurred? Cite 2 reasons (p. 369)

The First Big Changes: Culture and Commerce. 1450-1650
A New Spirit.
3. How did Petrarch’s writing in the early Renaissance differ from most writing from the Middle Ages? …show more content…

The Commercial Revolution.
35. What led to European trade rising along with a greater variety of available goods?

36. What did the large influx of gold and silver lead to and who benefitted the most?

37. What new trade development/innovation led to greater European involvement in countries around the world? (Note: this will play a key role in “imperialism” later)

38. The Industrial Revolution will not occur until the 18th century but colonies provided new ____________________ that will stimulate manufacturing and lead to the I.R.

39. How did Western European peasants begin to differ economically from Eastern European peasants as a result of trade?

Social Protest.
40. What is the “proletariat”?

41. Where did some poor people end up as they sold or lost their land to landowners?

42. Cite evidence of growing class tension in Europe. (This tension will be very important to both the French Revolution later and the work of Karl Marx on Communism.)

43. How were women singled out for punishment in Western Europe and America during the 17th century?

Science and Politics: The Next Phase of Change.
44. Define “Scientific Revolution” –

Did Copernicus Copy?
45. Copernicus developed the heliocentric theory of planetary motion. What is that theory?
46. Cite one supporting fact that Copernicus DID copy.

47. Cite one supporting fact that Copernicus did NOT copy.


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