Transformations Of European Empires

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Europeans were in a much closer proximity to the Americas than they were to asian countries. European societal groups, which included the competing merchants, impoverished nobles, monarchs, and commoners, Christian missionaries, and minorities different yet very strong motivations for having participation in empire building. European trading companies enabled the mobilization of both material resources like wood and crops as well as humans. The Disease in the Americas that had been brought by spanish conquerors made the natives weak and unable to stop the European invasion

Multiple large-scale transformations were generated by Europe. For example, one major transformation that the European empires caused would collapse Native American societies as they were. Yet another of these transformations would be the introduction as it were of trade. Europeans were capable of exchanging plants and animals which facetted the creation of better crops in the Americas. With a large amount of plantation workers in the Americas, Europe was able to link with America and Europe to form the cotton and Sugar trade.

Mexico and Peru’s economic foundation was based of Commercial agriculture during colonial rule, as well as silver and Gold mining. This greatly shaped the kinds of societies that came to arise due to a very distinct social order in society. The social order accommodated the Indians, Africans, and any person that was racially mixed. This social order was quite similar to that of

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