Report To Wordsworth And Lament

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For my coursework I’ve decided to choose the poems ‘Report to Wordsworth’ and ‘Lament’.
The reason I’ve chosen Report to Wordsworth as one of my poems to talk about is because it shows the relationship between people and nature, but in this poem it isn’t a good relationship between them because in the poem it talks about how we have damaged the Earth. In the poem it also has personification where the poet has personified Nature as a woman the poet has also used similes and metaphors.
My other poem I’ve decided to do is Lament because it talks about how the Gulf War has affected the people, the animals and also the environment around us, like Report To Wordsworth the poem explores the feeling of sorrow, grief and empathy. Unlike Report to …show more content…

This metaphor is effective because it’s creating a meaning to this sentence also that it’s connected to music and music is usually connected to happy times you would have with your friends or family, but in this situation it’s completely different because no sound is coming out of the horn. I think the poet used gods in this poem because they’re usually shown as to be all mighty and powerful, but in this poem it shows a different side of them where they’re weak and that they need your help. Another metaphor that was used was ‘O see the wound widening in the sky’ one way you could look at this is that the sentence is referring to the Earth and that it’s slowly dying because so many people have damaged the Earth so much to the point where you can't end up redoing what has been …show more content…

One way that they have damaged the Earth is by building factories which gives out pollution that is affecting the plants, animals and people. People also dump a lot of rubbish in the ocean and on land (forests, streets etc.) If we look at a specific word in that sentence ‘insatiate’ the meaning of that word is that someone is never satisfied, which shows that people aren’t satisfied till they get what they want.

The second poem I’ve chosen is Lament, one of the main things suggested by the poem is the use of ‘for the’ in the start of every single sentence, the words ‘for the’ show the remembrance of all of the people, animals etc. that were sadly affected by the Gulf War. This feature is in a way dedicated to all of the soldiers, birds, oceans and all of the other wildlife that were affected by the war, Lament also means ‘a passionate expression of grief and sorrow’
At the end of the first stanza ‘for her eggs laid in their nest of sickness’ the use of this metaphor allows one of the main purposes, which is the effect of the war on the environment. You would usually associate eggs with life and babies but now since the war was going on their habitats have been destroyed and now it’s a “nest of

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