Report on the Canterbury Earthquake of 2011

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I will also be referring to my “special analysis “data. Also in the report I will show you were the CDEM should be located in case of another serious natural disaster might occur.

The Canterbury Region, as shown in figure 1 is New Zealand largest region ranging to about 25,252 sq. km with a population of 462,783 (updated on 2006).One of the biggest cities who was hit hard by the quake was Christchurch, which most of this report is going to talk about.
The Christchurch earth quake had many cultural effects that occurred during and after the quake such streets and houses: Properties and streets were buried in thick layers of silt, and water and sewage from broken pipes flooded streets. House foundations cracked and buckled wrecking many homes. Several thousand homes will have to be demolished, and some sections of suburbs will probably never be re-occupied such as houses in the red zone, as shown in figure 10. Another cultural effect was critically damaged buildings in the CBD area, as shown in figure 13. The critically damaged buildings that were brought down were buildings previously damaged in the…
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