Representation Of Art In Chaim Soutine's 'Carcass Of Beef'

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Remembering back to the first time that I saw “Carcass of Beef” by Chaim Soutine, I was immediately flushed with past feelings of disgust and horror. Then coming back to the painting again, I still get those feelings - this time even a little more. Ive been told in my life to never judge a book by it's cover, so i've applied that mindset towards my investigation to find out if there are any deeper aspect's are held this painting that could get me to change how I feel about this piece of art. First and foremost, I think what makes me feel the way I do about this piece is the chosen subject matter. It is a cow, hanging upside down, and sliced wide open right down the middle. This kind of subject matter is just unpleasant for me to look at and makes me feel uncomfortable. Another thing that makes me cringe when looking at the carcass is the way the brush strokes were created. Soutine uses very brash impasto brush strokes which I think actually tie in along perfectly with his subject matter, making it feel even more horrific. These brush strokes along with the vivid colors make me feel deeply the actual torture that is occurring here. There is a huge portion of the color red in the painting on top of the yellow carcass, which represents the blood pouring down the cow's body and onto the ground. All around the red, are shades of blue with areas of black, making the scene feel very dark twisted and cold. If his intention was to make us as the viewers feel disgusted and horrified

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