Death On The Pale Horse

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This paper can analyze the context within which the work of art, "Death on the Pale Horse" was created. The discussion also will determine the medium that the creator selected still as highlight a number of the additional fascinating aspects of this Benjamin West painting.
Two copies of the painting, each of that are exhibited and reproduced as authentic works by Benjamin West, square measure within the urban center deposit of Art. However, in articles written by a former director for that deposit, Fiske Kimball, the previous director queries whether or not these 2 paintings are literally copies. The articles were revealed in 1931 and 1932, and art historians currently believe that the 2 originals currently suspend elsewhere (Von Erffa, 392).
A pen and brown ink and wash heightened with white paint is unbroken within the Royal Academy of Arts of Arts in London. That wash or drawing is twenty two 1/2 by forty four inches giant and is signed within the bottom right center. West exhibited this add 1784 at the Royal Academy of Arts in conjunction with 3 alternative studies that he meant to color. The additional famed work, that West selected oil on canvas as his final medium, currently hangs at the Detroit Institute of Arts. This painting is twenty three 1/2 by fifty 1/2 inches and is signed within the lower right corner "B. West 1796." Historians don 't seem to be certain whether or not the creator was ironed for cash and sold the painting to a neighbor for fifty pounds…
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