Death On The Pale Horse

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This paper can analyze the context within which the work of art, "Death on the Pale Horse" was created. The discussion also will determine the medium that the creator selected still as highlight a number of the additional fascinating aspects of this Benjamin West painting.
Two copies of the painting, each of that are exhibited and reproduced as authentic works by Benjamin West, square measure within the urban center deposit of Art. However, in articles written by a former director for that deposit, Fiske Kimball, the previous director queries whether or not these 2 paintings are literally copies. The articles were revealed in 1931 and 1932, and art historians currently believe that the 2 originals currently suspend elsewhere (Von Erffa, …show more content…

Thus, some art historians believe that he selected, instead, to comment through his design (Keyes, 3-6).
There square measure many variations between the wash and also the oil on canvas works. West created vital changes, all thought of enhancements, to his pen and ink wash study. within the study, a figure kneels with extended arms within the lower left corner. But, within the oil on canvas painting, this little figure has been replaced by a person holding a spear. Also, there 's a family fleeing the scene within the study, however within the painting the fleeing family was replaced by a youth United Nations agency is being smitten by lightning. There square measure varied additions within the painting. One figure currently holds Associate in Nursing empty cup. The sky currently bears figures that represent the Demons of Discord and Envy (Carey, 17), and 2 eagles that attacked a heron within the study ne 'er created it into the oil painting. all the same, the sketch continues to be thought of one in all West 's masterpieces, and this reality was even recognized throughout his period of time (Von Erffa, 145).
Like the painting, the sketch exhibits a number of West 's finest imaging and clearly and convincingly depicts all of the feeling of a frightful scene. The larger oil on canvas work isn 't one portrait, but rather, a

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