Representation Of Sanctification

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Visualized in this photo is an example of Touch or Tactile Language, which is another kind of language, but one that operates in a non-spoken form. Shown here is the most familiar form of this type of language: Braille, which is a type of visual language that can be touched and uses dots to “represent letters, numbers, and other symbols” (Greiner 2011). Tactile language, however, has a major problem. Similar to computer coding, another form of tactile language, exist only in written form and are not the type of language designed for day-to-day communication.

Behind me in this photo is a picture of an Islamic Mosque, which serves as a major place of worship of Muslims in the city of Stillwater. Searching deeper into this photo, we see how …show more content…

While most people believe the process of sanctification can be a representation of a positive event, which is simply not the case as more often than not it is an act of great sorrow that can also serve as a representation of sanctification. It is this light post that serves as a monument to the horrible tragedy that struck the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma in November of 2015. Most likely, the photo here is still in the second phase of sanctification, involving “public activities that set a place apart” (Greiner 2011) and shows how people have made the site into one of remembrance for the horrible tragedy that befell the citizens of Stillwater, …show more content…

While nationalism refers to the “expression of loyalty to and pride in a nation” (Greiner 2011) and patriotism is the “expression of love for and devotion to one’s state,” (Greiner 2011) the two are not the same and it is in this photo that we can see a notable difference. When one flies the American flag over the native flag, in this case the flag of Oklahoma, you have an example of patriotism over nationalism. Because of this, we can see how some people place a higher importance on the patriotism to one’s country over the nationalism one feels to a certain nation, exemplified in the above

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